Darrmstadt Stadler TINA tram at InnoTrans 2022 (101)

INNOTRANS: Launch customer HEAG Mobilo of Darmstadt has unveiled the first TINA tram, which Stadler has designed from scratch as its next generation of light rail vehicle.


Speaking at the unveiling at InnoTrans, head of HEAG Mobilo Ann-Kristina Natus said buying a new tram is not something that the operator does every day, with the last time being in 15 years ago, but new trams were needed to modernise and expand the fleet.

She said the design of the ‘most modern and innovative tram in Germany’ aims to take into account not just passengers, but also drivers and maintenance staff. Working groups were formed and a mock-up used to obtain feedback from staff, and ‘we can proudly say this new working place was developed by drivers for drivers’.


TINA was originally a working name for the Total Integrierter Niederflur-Antrieb (total integrated low-floor drive) tram, but has since been adopted as the official name.

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It is designed for gauges from 1 000 to 1 524 mm and a maximum speed of 80 km/h. It features a new design of bogie to optimise the use of space and improve maintainability, which was tested on a Tango tram in Kraków.

The low-floor vehicle is designed to provide unrestricted access to all seats from every door. The large windows aim to give passengers clear views and, together with the high ceilings, a feeling of spaciousness.

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Lightweight aircraft materials supplier Elbe Flugzeugwerke produced the floor panels.

The air-conditioning uses CO2 as the refrigerant to offer better environmental performance than conventional refrigerants.

TINA features an integrated collision warning system and a fully digital interactive driver’s desk.

Launch customer

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HEAG Mobilo was the first customer, placing a €62m order for 14 vehicles in January 2020. The contract includes options for up to 30 more, and a €38m firm order for a further 11 was confirmed in June 2021.

The five-section unidirectional tram for Darmstadt is designated the Type ST15. It is 43 m long with 103 seats and a total capacity of 284 passengers.

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Natus said accessibility was very important, and HEAG Mobilio held workshops with local disability groups to provide input into the design.

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While the TINA family is designed to provide a totally low-floor and step-free interior, HEAG Mobilo requested the inclusion of small steps inside. These are intended to direct wheelchair users to their dedicated spaces, so they do not get risk getting stuck between seats.

Stadler highlights that this was a customer choice, rather than intrinsic feature of the TINA family.

Darmstadt Stadler TINA tram at InnoTrans 2022 (11)

Entry into service is planned between mid-2023 and October 2024, replacing 30-year old ST12 high-floor vehicles and expanding the fleet to enable an increase in services.

TINA trams have also been ordered by Basel’s BLT in Switzerland and by the operators in Rostock and Halle in Germany.