Sarajevo Stadler Tango NF3 tram at Trako (1)

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: The first of 15 Tango NF3 trams that Stadler is to supply to Sarajevo was unveiled at the 15th Trako International Railway Fair in the Polish city of Gdańsk on September 20.

In September 2021 the Canton of Sarajevo awarded Stadler a €34·7m contract to supply 15 trams to replace obsolete vehicles, the first time in many years that new-build rather than second-hand trams had been ordered for the city.

Sarajevo Stadler Tango NF3 tram at Trako (6)

Stadler had beaten Durmazlar, CAF, Škoda Transportation and Alstom to win its first order in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is being financed with loans from the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development.

The three-section fully low-floor unidirectional tram is 31·1 m long and 2 400 mm wide. It has a capacity of 180 passengers including 79 seated, with Stadler saying the seats offer ‘sufficient comfort even while travelling longer distances typical for the Sarajevo conditions.’

Sarajevo Stadler Tango NF3 tram at Trako (2)

Stadler said requirements included minimising the weight per axle and ensuring comfortable temperatures for passengers. It has placed emphasis on a ‘highly functional and modern vehicle layout’, which meets EU standards and provides comfort for passengers and staff while offering low operating costs.

The 1 435 mm gauge tram has two motor and two trailer bogies with a maximum speed of 70 km/h. There are six doors including four twin-leaf doors, air-conditioning, USB sockets, a rear-video cameras, a passenger information system and CCTV.

Sarajevo Stadler Tango NF3 tram at Trako (3)

Stadler said ‘for passengers, the new trams represent a generational milestone in overall travel comfort, making it easier to travel around the city even for passengers with reduced mobility.’