Den Haag Stadler TINA tram impression (2)

NETHERLANDS: Den Haag transport operator HTM has awarded Stadler a contract to supply 56 trams for entry into service from 2026, with an option for additional vehicles.

The three-section trams from Stadler’s TINA family will be 36·5 m long, with a maximum speed of 70 km/h and the ability to operate in pairs.

They are intended to replace HTM’s GTL8 vehicles, increasing capacity and accessibility. They will be fully low floor, with the seats and handrails arranged to give a feeling of space with wide aisles and capacity for 237 passengers.

‘With these trams HTM offers our passengers accessible and comfortable public transport, and is well equipped for the future of modern mobility’, said Chief Executive Jaap Bierman.

HTM received three bids for the tender, and selected Stadler as preferred bidder in October.

Den Haag Stadler TINA tram impression (1)

‘We are proud to be able to supply trams to the Netherlands for the first time’, said Stadler’s Deputy Group CEO Dr Ansgar Brockmeyer when the contract was signed on December 16.

‘This is the fifth time we have successfully sold our innovative and particularly passenger-friendly latest-generation tram within a short time since its market launch. Our TINA trams will enable passengers in the government city on the North Sea to experience a new dimension in comfort and sustainable transport.’