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FRANCE: Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois exercised a further option on March 3 to order more Alstom Citadis trams.

The final option in a 2014 framework contract for up to 50 vehicles covers a further 17 trams valued at €52m. This will bring the number of Citadis vehicles operated by CTS to 80, following the first order placed in 2003.

The 45 m long trams will be assembled at La Rochelle, with traction motors from Ornans, traction equipment from Tarbes, electronics from Villeurbanne, and bogies from Le Creusot and Salzgitter. Each will be able to carry up to 288 passengers .

Like the 10 cars ordered in 2017, the 17 additional trams will be certified under Germany’s BOStrab regulations in order to operate on the cross-border Line D which connects Aristide Briand with the German town of Kehl.

‘With this new order, CTS is the French customer that will own one of the largest Citadis tram fleets’, commented Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, Managing Director of Alstom France.