Tallinn tram delivery (Photo TLT)

ESTONIA: Tallinn operator TLT has taken delivery of the first of 23 trams which Pesa Bydgoszcz is supplying under a €52m order placed in 2022.

The three-section low-floor tram from the Polish manufacturer’s Twist family has six doors and a capacity of up to 184 passengers, including 65 seated. It has air-conditioning, USB sockets, modern information systems and a low entrance for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

It will undergo 1 000 km of test running before entering service.

The Pesa trams will be used on the city’s Harbour tramway which is under construction for completion by the end of the summer.

TLT board member Kaido Padar said the new trams and electric buses would ‘make public transport in the city even more attractive and efficient’ and ’give us flexibility as a service provider even in conditions where world energy prices rise sharply or military conflicts cause supply difficulties’.

Some of the ageing KT4 trams which the new vehicles will replace are being offered for sale, with potential uses including cafés, offices and shelters. ‘Why scrap a tram that holds so many memories and nostalgia for people when someone out there might be interested in doing something exciting with it?’, said TLT Director of Engineering Toomas Hirve.