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  • Rail-milling-in-the-metro-track-of-Wiener-Linien
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    Austria: Mobile milling supports preventive rail maintenance


    Wiener Linien has been exploring how a combination of mobile milling and investment in premium rail steels can help to optimise its maintenance costs and move from reactive to preventive interventions on its metro lines.

  • 210629_Canterbury_025
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    Australia: Bankstown Line conversion takes shape


    Work is forging ahead to convert a 13 km section of the Sydney Trains suburban network to form part of the city’s automated metro. Nick Kingsley  asked Sydney Metro Project Director Hugh Lawson  to explain.

  • se-stockholm-sparvag-city-a34-djurgardsbron-credit-sll-Janne-Danielsson
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    Light rail: Ridership bounces back as Nordic cities embrace the tram


    The Covid-19 pandemic caused some cities across Scandinavia to question future investment in light rail, but a strong ridership recovery means the case for projects remains strong across much of the region.

  • MaaS_4
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    Technology: Unlocking the next level of MaaS


    Advanced technical functionalities are already available to support a One-Stop-Shop for Mobility as a Service, offering a viable multi-modal alternative to private car use, but greater collaboration and regulatory reform are needed to harness the opportunities.

  • Two_Children_buying_food_in_train
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    Germany: Farm shop concept spurs freight tram revival


    Initially developed as a student project, a mobile ‘farm shop’ retail and freight service using a converted tram-train is being proposed for use on the regional rail network around Karlsruhe. This in turn could offer a more viable business model for other cargo tram initiatives.

  • 32_regional
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    Technology: Keeping track of tram-trains


    Enhanced control and supervision tools have been deployed to improve the operation of tram-trains around Karlsruhe, where portion working is a common but complicated process.

  • Natal-suburban-rail-@George-Antony
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    Brazil: making more use of urban railways


    Better utilisation of under-used main line railways is seen as key to developing cost-effective urban and suburban rail networks that can relieve road congestion in Brazil’s fast-growing cities. Benjámin Zelki  investigates.

  • Trains-Set-New-Branding-#1
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    Canada: Generational change will transform travel


    A multi-billion dollar investment programme will change the way people use public transport in Canada’s most populated area, with GO Expansion bringing frequent all-day electric train services to routes across the Toronto region.

  • Le-metro-dAbidjan_CIV_9
    Metro Report International

    Côte d’Ivoire: Abidjan metro makes slow progress


    Longstanding plans for construction of a north-south metro line in the capital of Côte d’Ivoire have progressed slowly, with only 4∙4 km of the route so far cleared for the main work to start.

  • Guangzhou_line_22_01
    Metro Report International

    China: Express metros serve growing conurbations


    As Chinese cities continue to expand, a new generation of express metro lines has emerged to serve the medium-distance niche between classic urban metros and high speed lines. Toma Bačić investigates.

  • Tunnelier2
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    France: Éole makes a critical breakthrough


    The completion of tunnelling works for the western extension of Paris RER Line E paves the way for the start of revenue services on the first section in mid-2023, as Project Director Xavier Gruz explains to Jérémie Anne.

  • Picture12
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    Ticketing: Fair play for fare payers


    Automatic detection of fare dodgers has been evaluated on metro networks in Delhi and Lisboa.

  • il-telaviv-redline-arlosoroff-platform-1
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    Israel: Light rail is not the only fruit


    Due to open later this year, Tel Aviv’s light rail Red Line is the first route in a planned six-line network to serve the rapidly expanding conurbation.

  • M7BeşiktasEntryshaft
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    Turkey: Currency crunch dents metro expansion


    An array of urban and suburban rail projects is underway across Turkey, but political squabbles between central government and city administrations and major currency fluctuations could yet hinder delivery of the investment, as David O’Byrne explains.

  • Z0504237
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    Research: Extending the role of backup batteries


    Projects in Chengdu and Moscow have confirmed that nickel battery technology, originally developed to provide onboard backup services on metro trains, can also provide a cost-effective source of power for emergency traction, eliminating the need to install separate battery packs.

  • Cover Page (Touching an IC Card at an automatic gate)
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    Ticketing: Expanding the use of Japan's IC cards


    Originally developed as a form of smart travel ticket, IC cards are now in widespread use across Japan. They can be used for many types of transaction, and further applications are being added as rail operators strive to make travel more convenient.

  • São Paulo Monorail Line 15 was to reach Jardim Colonial in December @Benjámin Zelki
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    Brazil: Private participation keeps metro momentum building


    Led by São Paulo, Brazilian cities are making use of private sector funding and operating models to accelerate urban rail development across the country. Benjámin Zelki reports.

  • 8B0A8839
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    Wien: U2xU5 Linienkreuz reshapes the U-Bahn


    As part of a smart mobility strategy aimed at reducing car use, construction is in full swing to expand Wien’s U-Bahn network. Diverting Line U2 and building the fully automated Line U5 will increase capacity by around 30%.

  • cn-Chengdumetro-control-centre
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    Technology: Overcoming the silo effect in metro IT


    Building metro lines as self-contained projects can result in duplicate IT systems to manage their operation and maintenance, leading to inefficient use of resources. Cloud computing offers the opportunity to develop a unified information architecture that is cost-effective, flexible and scaleable.

  • PA ATMO 1
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    Track Maintenance: ATMO takes to the tracks


    New rail grinding technology currently in development is expected to support tram and light rail operators faced with maintaining their networks while meeting tighter noise restrictions in densely populated areas.