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Leading in EMI/RFI shielding interconnection systems for more than 40 years.

Inotec electronics GmbH being a worldwide operating independent middle-sized company gives priority to long-term value, stability and sustainability over growth and increase in turnover. From the very beginning Inotec focused on applications with highest standards in terms of disturbance-free signal and data transmission. By striving systematically to develop innovative products of high quality and advanced technology our company has established itself as the technological leader in the market for EMI/RFI shielding interconnection systems. Our high level of flexibility, our focus to individual customer care as well as our openness to deliver customer-specific solutions enable us to set standards in the field of connector technology for more than 40 years now.

We focus on applications requiring a maximum level of safety and reliability in data and signal transmission

Some of our key markets:

  • Public transportation systems
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial Laser Technology
  • High-end Microscopy Systems

Our specific products and solution for Railway Industry

Inotec is offering the widest range of high-end EMI/RFI shielding interconnection systems with full-metal housings for railway communication systems, data transmission and signaling.

The original Inotec crimp flange technology provides 360° cable shield contact, a maximum of strain relief, twist lock and easy field assembly. Inotec ensures best performance by providing cable specific crimp data definitions, approved by mechanical and electrical in-house testing at the Inotec laboratory.

Inotec connector solutions for BUS-systems are available for D-sub interfaces in Fieldbus systems like CAN or MVB/WTB or as A- and D-coded M12 connectors in Fieldbus or Ethernet applications.

The extremely variable DGA adaptor hood series allows a customized configuration either as piggy-back diagnostic plug (D-Sub and HD with integrated PCB), distributor housing or “intelligent” connector with integrated PCB.

Based on the large M30 series hoods (9- to 37-way), Inotec offers junction-boxes and distributor-housings with integrated metal latches for top-hat-rail mount.

All Inotec D-sub interfaces may be protected from unintended mismatching by the unique, reliable and easy-to-handle Inotec coding system.

For EN60603-2 (DIN 41 612) 19“-racks, Inotec has developed the MSF-series, a complete interface combining safe assembly and robustness with highest EMC performance.

Furthermore, Inotec offers individual solutions with crimp flange technology, e. g. with compact EMC cable glands or crimpadaptors for circular connectors according to MIL-specification.

Inotec products are designed for an easy, safe and reliable field assembly. Inotec hand crimp tools with their swiveling upper crimp die combine easy handling and process reliable crimping.