Boston subway train

USA: People with disabilities, including low vision, can now apply online rather than in person for smart cards providing free or reduced fares on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority services around Boston.

The process is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, and is accessible to screen readers.

‘We have made significant investments in equipment, staff resources and technology solutions to improve the experience of our riders with a specific focus on riders with disability- and age-based needs’, said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak on September 26.

‘Through our Fare Transformation journey, we continue to improve the experience of riders as we work towards modernisation by investing in state of good repair and capital improvements that transform the system into a modern digital payment system.’

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Commissioner David D’Arcangelo said ‘we are pleased to collaborate with the MBTA on streamlining the process of obtaining and updating our Blind Access Cards. This is a game-changer for our consumers who no longer have to travel to an office in order to receive the cards, offering them a more equitable and efficient solution to travel in Massachusetts.’