Chicago Blue Line Racine station (Photo: Jacob G/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photos: Jacob G/CC BY-SA 2.0

USA: Chicago Transit Authority has approved a $75·4m contract for FH Paschen SN Nielsen & Associates to undertake a major renovation of Racine station on the metro’s Blue Line.

Changes to be made as part of CTA’s All Stations Accessibility Programme will include the addition of a lift and the creation of accessible pathways to the platforms and bus stops, with features such as shelters, benches and passenger information systems being redesigned.

There will also be improvements to the traction power supply, including a new substation at Morgan Street and replacement of equipment at Hermitage substation.

‘This is another exciting step forward in our commitment to making the entire CTA rail system fully accessible’, said CTA President Dorval R Carter Jr on February 10. ’CTA has collaborated with Chicago’s disability community to pursue a vision of 100% accessibility for all customers. Thanks to the funding we received through the Rebuild Illinois capital programme, we’re now able to unlock one more station.’

CTA aims to make all 145 stations fully accessible by 2038; 103 currently meet ADA requirements, and there is funding in place for work at nine more.