Bucuresti metro train maintenance (Photo: Alstom)

ROMANIA: București metro operator Metrorex has awarded Alstom a 15-year contract to provide full preventive and corrective maintenance and overhaul services for its train fleet.

The contract covers 82 trains totalling 492 cars which are currently in service, as well as the new trains on order for Line 5; Alstom is to deliver 13 Metropolis trainsets from 2023, and Metrorex has an option to order a further 17. The overall value of the maintenance contract is estimated at €500m

Alstom has been maintaining the Metrorex fleet since 2004, including both older and new vehicles. It has undertaken more than 60 upgrading projects which it says have increased train availability from 56% to 99·96%.

‘Alstom has more than 50 maintenance contracts worldwide with a duration of 20 years or beyond, covering more than 35 000 vehicles’, said Gian Luca Erbacci, Alstom’s Europe Region President, when the latest contract was announced on January 3. ‘We are committed to deliver maintenance services at the highest standards to provide passengers with safe, reliable and comfortable journeys.’