Chongqing metro

CHINA: The second phases of Chongqing metro lines 9 and 10 were opened simultaneously on January 18, adding a further 14 route-km to the city’s extensive network, which now totals 492 km.

Both are fast metro lines operated by six-car Type As trainsets approved for 100 km/h operation.

Chongqing metro

The first phase of Line 9 was opened on January 25 2022. The northern extension from Xingkedadao to Huashigou adds a further 8 km and five stations, taking the route to a total length of 40·3 km. Of the additional section, 6·7 km is underground and the rest elevated.

Line 10 has been extended south by 6 km from Liyuchi to Houbao, and now totals 38·5 km. The first phase of this north-south line was opened in December 2017. The principal structure on the extension is the 1 216 m long Nanjimen Yangtze River bridge, which was completed in January 2022. This is the only part of the extension which runs above ground.

A further 4·8 km southern extension from Houbao to Lanhualu is under construction, which will add a further four stations. Line 10 has been designed for 120 km/h operation in the future.