London Underground Tower Hill (Photo: Kev/Pixabay)

UK: Transport for London has scrapped an initial attempt to source 10% of its power needs from new-build wind or solar farms, telling Metro Report International that it had received a disappointing response.

It is now seeking industry feedback before launching a revised Corporate Power Purchase Agreement process later this month.

TfL told Metro Report International that it plans to procure all of its electricity from renewable energy sources by the end of the decade.

The initial procurement, codenamed PPA Comet, would have covered around 10% of its needs, with cost certainty and guaranteed use of renewable sources.

However, ‘following a disappointing response due to a number of factors, including market uncertainty’, TfL has decided to relaunch the tender this month to enable it to ’adapt to ensure we maximise the opportunity and interest from the market, while keeping our plans on track’.

TfL as a whole uses around 1·6 TWh/year, which is currently sourced directly from the National Grid via the Crown Commercial Service.

The initial London Underground PPA Comet renewables contract was expected to cover the supply of 150-200 GWh/year, but under the revised tender will now cover 100 to 200 GWh/year. The planned start date has been changed from between June 2024 and June 2026 to between June 2024 and December 2028.

The contract would run for 15 years, with a CPI-linked pay-as-produced structure ‘sleeved’ through TfL’s licensed supplier which would then deal with the renewable power generator.