Grand Paris Express Line 18 works (Photo: Jérémie Anne)

FRANCE: Société du Grand Paris has awarded Vinci Construction subsidiary Chantiers Modernes Construction an €80·9m contract to build the elevated Palaiseau, Orsay-GIF and CEA-Saint-Aubin stations on the future Line 18 of the automated metro.

A consortium of Rougnon, Dalkia and Fouassin has been awarded a €12m contract for power, heating and ventilation systems at the three stations.

The stations will be on a 3·5 km viaduct which is already under construction in the Saclay Plateau area.

Some modifications to the future route of Line 18 have been approved by the government, with the section from CEA Saint-Aubin and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines to be at ground level rather than elevated and the site of Saint-Quentin Est relocated.