Kuala Lumpur buildings

MALAYSIA: The government has approved resumption of the MRT3 project to develop an orbital metro line around Kuala Lumpur.

The MRT3 or Circle Line was originally proposed in 2016, before being shelved by the previous administration in 2018. It would consist of a part elevated, part underground metro line running for around 50 km along the perimeter of the central business district of Kuala Lumpur, serving 30 stations, including eight underground, and providing interchange with existing rail, metro and bus routes radiating outwards from the city centre to suburbs in the Klang Valley.

‘The government has decided to approve the implementation of the MRT3 project [to provide] an integrated and seamless transportation system that is affordable for the people’, said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri on March 4. ‘This will drive economic growth and development as part of the government’s objective to further strengthen the business sector, as well as create 600 000 jobs this year.’

According to project promoter MRT Corp, tenders are expected to be issued in Q2 2022, with construction beginning in 2023 and lasting until 2030. The line would open in phases as the various sections are completed.