CHINA: Kunming metro Line 5 opened on June 29, 10 years and one day after the first metro route in the city.

Line 5 starts at World Horti-Expo Garden in the northeast and runs 26·5 km through the city centre to Baofeng in the south, with 22 stations. An imaging system projects high definition images including advertisements on to the tunnel walls throughout the line.

Construction began in October 2016 and was undertaken by a consortium of China Railway Construction Corp, Fourth Railway Research Institute Investment Co and Kunming Railway Group.

Services are operated using six-car Type B trainsets produced locally by CRRC. These have a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a capacity of 2 094 passengers, and make extensive used of composite materials for sound absorption and heat insulation.

The trains are equipped with lithium titanate batteries that can move the trains up to 2 km in the case of an electrical supply failure.