London Underground passenger using bridging device (Photo Transport for London)

UK: Trials are underway with a bridging device designed to improve accessibility at step-free London Underground stations where there remains a small gap between the platform and train carriage.

Designed to provide additional support, comfort and reassurance to passengers, the device is the same width as boarding ramps already in use across the network, but is only 200 mm long.

London Underground bridging device preparation (Photo Transport for London)

The trials at eight Jubilee Line stations are due to run until February 2023, with passengers able to ask staff to deploy the device or request that a member of staff is waiting with it when they arrive by train.

Users are invited to provide comments, including suggesting a name for the device. If the trial is successful TfL will consider extending its use across the network.

‘The bridging device has been designed to improve customers’ confidence and experience of using the network and I hope as many people as possible try it out during the trial period’, said Chief Customer Officer Mark Evers.

Bridging device trial locations on the Jubilee Line

London Bridge, North Greenwich, Green Park, Canary Wharf, Bermondsey, Canning Town, Canada Water, Stratford

London Underground bridging device (Photo Transport for London)