Jubilee Line

UK: Tenders have been called for the modification of the 63 seven-car Type 96TS trainsets used on London Underground’s Jubilee Line to provide a long-term solution to fatigue cracking.

Fractures were found on the longitudinal beams of underframes in 2019, and a large number of the trains had to be withdrawn until the implementation of a temporary repair which is now approaching the end of its life.

The first of the contracts being tendered cover replacement of the cross beam support brackets to improve the transfer of coupler loads into the car body structure, and changes to the inner longitude to remove the risk of continued crack propagation.

The second contract covers replacement of the coupler release system to ensure it will function correctly in a collision and to eliminate costly maintenance requirements.

Tenders are to be submitted by January 27 2023, and the contracts are expected to run for two years from August 2023.