fr-Paris Line 9-MF_01_à_Bilancourt_(5)

FRANCE: Paris transport operator RATP has started test running with the Octys train control system being installed on Line 9.

The OCTYS interoperability specifications (Open Control of Trains, Interchangeable & Integrated System) was developed to ensure compatibility between the ATO systems deployed on the capital’s various metro lines.

Line 9 is being equipped with Octys VB 2, which is also deployed on Line 5. Installation work began in 2015, and is due to be fully commissioned by August 2023, RATP’s Line 9 Director Mohamed Chihi told Metro Report.

To facilitate the test running with Octys VB2, Sunday services have been partially suspended on sections of Line 9, which marked its centenary with a celebration over the weekend of November 6-7.