Toshkent Metro station (Photo Ministry of Transport)

UZBEKISTAN: The second phase of the Toshkent metro’s Circle Line has been opened for revenue service.

The 7·7 km extension from Qo’ylik (7-Bekat) to 12-Bekat in the Quruvchilar district south of the international airport adds a further five stations. Of these, only Paralimpiya Harakati has a name, with the other stations simply being numbered. Signalling on the elevated extension was supplied by 1520 Group and Trans Engineering Group.

Toshkent Metro train (Photo Ministry of Transport)

Following the opening on April 25, services on the line have been increased to run every 8 to 9 min at peak times and every 12 min off-peak.

Toshkent Metro train passengers (Photo Ministry of Transport)

The extension takes the total length of the capital’s metro network to 66·7 km with 48 stations. Construction work is already underway on the 3·6 km third phase of the Circle Line, running from 12-Bekat to 13-Bekat and 14-Bekat, where interchange will be provided with 5-Bekat on the Chilonzor Line.

Toshkent Metro passengers (Photo Ministry of Transport)

Pending the completion of the third phase, a bus shuttle has been instituted to provide a connection between the two metro lines. This is being operated using two vehicles from a fleet of 200 King Long articulated buses which were delivered in April.