Berlin U-Bahn Siemens Mobility CBTC contract (Photo: BVG/Oliver Lang)

Photos: BVG/Oliver Lang

GERMANY: Berlin transport operator BVG has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to supply communications-based train control to support Grade of Automation 2 attended semi-automated operation on metro lines U5 and U8.

The two lines were selected for the Berlin U-Bahn’s first CBTC deployment as the existing train protection technology needs to be renewed.

The contract announced on July 5 covers a total of 40 route-km with 26 stations on U5 and 24 stations on U8. It is worth about €200m, and there will also be additional long-term maintenance contracts.

Berlin U-Bahn Siemens Mobility CBTC contract

Siemens Mobiity’s Trainguard MT CBTC will automate acceleration, braking, train spacing and emergency braking, with the driver focusing on boarding and alighting passengers, visual monitoring of the route and emergency intervention.

The CBTC will reduce headways to under 100 sec, increasing capacity by 30% while also improving reliability and punctuality.

Siemens Mobility said services would not be interrupted during installation, with the CBTC expected to go live on U5 by 2029 and U8 by 2032.