SBS Transit and Siemens (Photo Siemens Mobility)

SINGAPORE: Metro and bus operator SBS Transit and Siemens Mobility have signed contracts for equipment maintenance and a memorandum of understanding for the use of software.

A long-term service support contract running to 2047 covers the Siemens Mobility Trainguard Sirius communications-based train control on the Downtown Line.

Siemens Mobility will also establish a point machine maintenance facility at SBS Transit’s Component Service Centre, and train the operator’s engineers in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of MCEM91 point machines. The site will be Siemens Mobility’s sole authorised point machine maintenance centre in southeast Asia.

The two companies have also renewed a 2022 MoU to use Controlguide Airo software to optimise train deployment by predicting demand on trains and at stations.

‘This is a strategic partnership with Siemens Mobility which will further strengthen our engineering competency’, said SBS Transit Group CEO Jeffrey Sim on May 30. ‘It will also contribute significantly to enabling us to maintain our DTL performance as the most reliable MRT line globally.’