Madrid Metro sign (Pixabay)

SPAIN: Madrid municipality has called tenders for construction of a 7 km extension of Metro de Madrid’s Line 11 from Plaza Elíptica, where it has an interchange with Line 6, to Conde de Casal, where it would again meet Line 6. There would be four intermediate stations at Comillas, Madrid Río, Palos de la Frontera and the main line hub at Atocha.

The budget for the 48-month contract is €559m. The number of daily passengers using the line is expected to increase from 25 000 to 75 000 once the extension is fully open. Line 11 currently is 8·5 km long, running mostly in the southwestern suburbs of the city, where it links La Fortuna with Plaza Elíptica. It has been extended three times over the past 25 years.

Details of the latest plans were originally unveiled by representatives from the city and the national government in late November 2020. This would see the line ultimately extended to cover 33·5 km in total on a southwest-northeast alignment through the heart of the city. It would then have interchange with 11 of the city’s 12 metro lines, relieving congestion on the orbital Line 6. In the north it would terminate at Valdebebas, west of Barajas airport, where it would serve an urban redevelopment zone.

The city will be applying for part of the funding of the extension to come from the Spanish share of the EU’s recovery and resilience fund.