uz Toshkent metro extension opening (4)

UZBEKISTAN: A 7∙1 km extension of the Toshkent metro’s Chilonzor Line south from Olmazor to Quipchoq (Bekat-5) in the Sergeli district was inaugurated by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on December 26.

uz Toshkent metro extension opening (7)

The extension has been built since 2017 at a cost of US$170m. It is mostly elevated, with five stations and a 580 m tunnelled connection to the existing line.

The Chilonzor Line is now 23·7 km long with 17 stations.

The President said the extension would be of great economic, social and environmental importance, as congestion on the road from Sergeli to the city centre causes increased fuel consumption, pollution and delays which frustrate travellers.

uz Toshkent metro extension opening (5)

It is envisaged that the metro network will grow from 59·5 km to 157 km during the next decade.

‘It is necessary to build the next metro lines to the liking of the population — convenient, safe and high-quality — and to learn from foreign experience’, said the President.