London Underground Bakerloo Line train (2)

UK: Transport for London has restarted its efforts to set up a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement covering the long-term supply of renewable energy.

TfL launched a procurement process known as PPA Comet in June 2022. This was subsequently paused after a disappointing response which TfL told Metro Report International was due to a number of factors, including market uncertainty.

The procurement has now been revised and restarted. TfL subsidiary London Underground Ltd expects to award a 15-year contract for 80-200 GWh of wind or solar energy per year, to be produced at a new-build generating facility which must be able to begin delivering power between April 1 2025 and December 31 2028.

Requests to participate should be submitted by March 21. The Greater London Authority intends to make a tranche of long-term asset financing available to bidders.

TfL as a whole uses around 1·6 TWh/year, which is currently sourced directly from the National Grid via the Crown Commercial Service.