BELARUS: Stadler presented the first of 10 metro trains that it is supplying to Minsk Metro at its factory in the city on March 20. The four-car train is due to undertake testing at the factory before being transported by rail to a metro depot.

Stadler is supplying six four-car and four five-car trainsets that will replace older rolling stock and operate on Line 3, which is currently under construction. All 10 trains are to be delivered by the end of 2020.

At 78·4 m long, the through-gangwayed trainset has 168 seats including tip-up seats and capacity for 588 standing passengers at 5/m2. The five-car sets will be 97·7 m long with 212 seats and room for 737 standing passengers. Wheelchair spaces will also be provided. The cars are be 2 650 mm wide and 3 690 mm high.