Photos: Vladimir Waldin

RUSSIA: Moscow  Metro has signed a contract with Metrowagonmash for the supply of 35 electric multiple-units to operate the capital’s next two Central Diameter regional express lines.

The deal is to be funded from a 57bn rouble government loan for the procurement of rolling stock for the MCD lines. The 11-car Ivolga 3.0 trains for routes D3 and D4 will be an updated version of the EGE2Tv EMUs operating on the first two RER-style cross-city routes D1 and D2 which were inaugurated in November 2019.

The Transmashholding subsidiary is expected to deliver the units between 2022 and 2025. The first 17 sets, including seven that are due to arrive by the end of this year, will have two sets of doors on each side of each car. The remaining 18 trains, due to be delivered from 2023, will have three doors per car side in order to speed up boarding and alighting at stations.

Each train will be formed of five motored cars and six trailer vehicles; they will also be able to operate in formations of five to 12 cars as necessary. Designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the units are to be suitable for subsequent retrofitting for automatic train operation, with or without a driver.