ALSTOM will focus on the themes of sustainable development, life on board and technical expertise. The company’s view of sustainable development includes designing urban transport to respect the local environment, with the development of ’wire-free’ trams allowing local authorities to enhance their architectural heritage. Alstom will be explaining how the ground-level APS in Bordeaux offers performance levels equal to those of a conventionally-powered tram. Alstom’s flywheels can bring substantial energy savings, and rechargeable batteries enable trams to cover short gaps in the overhead wiring at a low cost. A high level of recyclability is another element of Alstom’s commitment to sustainable development, and the company says the 49 Coradia Lirex regional EMUs ordered by Sk?netrafiken in Sweden last December will be up to 98% recyclable.In addition to illustrating efforts to improve train accessibility, Alstom will present research into the effects of the visual, touch, auditory and olfactory senses on passenger comfort. New materials with potential urban transport applications will be exhibited.Alstom will be highlighting its Urbalis communication-based train control system. Deployed on two driverless metro lines in Singapore, Urbalis allows trains to run faster and closer while minimising energy consumption.n