Group Engineering has unveiled an innovative utility vehicle for track maintenance gangs. Trakrat’s novel design features include lightweight aluminium construction, a bucket seat for the driver and a well-cushioned longitudinal seat for up to six passengers. The high seating position, vibration dampers and triple-disc braking ensure a comfortable ride compared with traditional small-wheeled trolleys. A narrow but full depth fairing incorporates a large screen and wiper, giving good visibility for the driver, even in inclement weather, when curtain sides can be pulled down to protect the passengers.

Trakrat has high-power headlights for travelling and adjustable spots for illuminating work sites. It also carries on-board hydraulic and 110V electric power supplies for site equipment, as well as a safety kit. The Honda-powered diesel hydraulic traction unit can move Trakrat to sites at up to 28 km/h, but it is also light enough to be transported by road. Using trailers powered with hydraulic drives, a payload of up to 8 tonnes can be towed.

Group Engineering plc

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