ENGINEERING contractor AMEC Spie is reorganising its rail business in advance of the handover of its UK rail maintenance work to Network Rail on July 24 (RG 12.03 p770).

Maintenance currently accounts for one-third of AMEC Spie Rail’s £350m turnover, and according to Business Development Manager Barry Atkinson the company hopes to regain the lost turnover and profits ’in a few years at the most’ by increasing its share of the national renewals market.

Five multi-disciplinary regional offices are being established, along with a Major Projects division, and Plant, Rail Services and Rail Engineering arms.

The restructuring will position AMEC Spie as a single source ’contractor partner’ able to offer ’quick and dramatic improvements’ on specific projects, said Atkinson. ’There is remains an awful lot of business to be done so that the network works properly, and that gives us confidence.’ He sees the biggest potential for growth in northeast England.

AMEC Spie Rail has around 2000 employees, but this will be cut to about 650 when most are transferred to Network Rail in July, though many managerial staff are to stay with AMEC Spie. On-track plant and training facilities will remain with AMEC Spie, while Network Rail considers whether to buy or lease it from the contractors.