SPANISH narrow gauge operator Feve inaugurated a cross-city link through the Asturian capital Oviedo on February 4. Separate termini built by different private railways serving eastern and western routes have been replaced by a new cross-city route, serving metre-gauge platforms within Renfe’s broad gauge station. Total cost of the project is Pts7bn, of which the European Union is contributing Pts5·2bn.

To reach the main station, Feve has taken over and regauged the former Renfe branch to Trubia. Four new intermediate stations have been built, and the 1·5 kV electrification on the Gijón - Laviana line is being extended west from El Berrón to Oviedo and Trubia. Metre gauge services will now be able to run from east of Oviedo to Pravia and Ferrol.

Under the city’s Pts10bn Cinturón Verde package, the old metre-gauge alignment from Oviedo to Fuso de la Reina has been closed, eliminating many level crossings. Land occupied by the Económicos and Jovellanos termini will be released for redevelopment, as will the site of Feve’s Oviedo workshops, which have been relocated to El Berrón at a cost of Pts1·4bn.