NEXANS has developed a specialised signal cable for connecting axle-counters to central monitoring equipment.

Electrical signals from axle-counters typically vary between 60V and 90V, and with axle-counters spaced at intervals of up to 3 km the cables need to offer a low voltage drop over long distances. Nexans’ latest cable offers a lower voltage drop than its conventional signalling cables, and is shielded against electromagnetic interference. Power is provided through a separate cable, though Nexans has supplied combined power and signal cable for balises.

The axle-counter cable is resistant to extreme temperatures, oil and ultraviolet light, to give a service life of 20 years. Low smoke and halogen-free versions can be supplied for use in tunnels, and an armoured version is available for use in areas where knawing by rodents is a problem.

Nexans, France