OVER 260 sets of rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries have been supplied by SAFT to provide starting and auxiliary power for Turbostar DMUs. The 24V batteries of 20 SRX1000P cells of 103Ah capacity fit in plastic containers in an integrated stainless steel crate ready for mounting. Developed for starting diesel engines, the SRX can deliver one-third more starting power than conventional batteries. At -20°C they retain more than 90% of their capacity, compared to 60% for other ni-cad batteries.

Saft is also supplying a 24V battery comprising 20 SRM185P (185Ah) cells designed for rolling stock back-up power applications, with a cycling ability of four times that specified in UIC854R.

Both types of batteries have sintered positive and plastic bonded negative electrodes; they are up to 20% smaller and lighter than other batteries. Topping up with water is required every two years, and there is no need to change the electrolyte over the 15-year battery life.

Saft, France

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