THE MOZAMBIQUE government has approved plans to award concessions by 2004 to restore and operate the two rail corridors forming the country’s Beira network.

Renovation of the 590 km Sena line running north from Dondo to Moatize is expected to cost between US$100m and US$300m. CFM will start by upgrading the initial 100 km from Dondo to Muanza section at an estimated cost of US$30m. According to Tomas Salomao, Minister of Transport & Communications, the Sena line concession will run for 50 years. The contract may be extended to include the branch from Mutarara to the Malawi border at Vila Nova da Fronteira.

The concession for the 317 km western route from Beira to Machipanda would run for 15 years, and may include the 12 km section from the border to Mutare in Zimbabwe. n