Stuttgart-based Alcatel SEL has picked Berlin as a key location for development of radio-based train control systems. According to Friedrich Smaxwil, Chief Executive of Alcatel SEL’s transport business, between DM100m and DM120m may be spent in the next five to 10 years on developing the European Rail Traffic Management System for application on test routes in Germany. Maintaining a significant presence in Berlin is viewed as important to the company’s rail business, and it plans to strengthen the development team at its Berlin-Tempelhof works with 60 more engineers.

Siemens too has decided that Berlin is an important location for its signalling sector. After a review of its business requirements, the company has decided to retain a signalling equipment factory at Berlin-Treptow rather than close it or move it elsewhere. Siemens’ main signalling division is based in Braunschweig.