DESIGNED for use on new-build and refurbished locomotives, the SafeSet Wheel Style parking brake from Graham-White uses an electric motor to automate the operation of brakes.

The SafeSet Wheel Style brake incorporates the same interface as the company’s lever-style handbrake, which is in service on around 250 locomotives. The brakes are set and released by pushing a button, with a wheel-applied mechanical back-up for use if electric power is unavailable. In manual mode, the SafeSet Wheel Style only requires 60% of the force needed to apply the company’s mechanical handbrakes.

Graham-White has begun series production of a computerised Single Car Test Device, following the demonstration of a prototype last year. This uses an integrated or attached computer for remote testing of the integrity of wagon brakes, and automates the documentation of results as well as reducing testing time.

The latest model of the firm’s 994-500 Air Dryer produces clean, dry and oil-free compressed air for use in locomotives rated at 3000 to 4000hp. It is interchangeable with the 994-100 series dryer and has half the moving parts of the original 975, reducing both purchase and maintenance costs.

Now being introduced to the rail market is the company’s Sludge Braker Air Dryer, which is in use protecting lorry and bus brakes from water vapour damage.

’These new products help our customers automate the way traditional tasks have been done, saving them time and lowering life-cycle cost for their equipment,’ said Jim Frantz, President & CEO of Graham-White.

According to Engineering Manager Lenny Wedge, the company is ’continuing to broaden our product line for both OEM and retrofit applications in response to growth and changes in the market, both in the USA and emerging markets such as India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.’

Graham-White Manufacturing Co, USA