AUTOMATIC dust tray cleaners have been installed during the replacement of two escalators at London Underground’s Embankment station.

Designed by RJC and installed by Otis, the rectangular metal dust trays are fitted under the escalator steps at both the top and bottom chambers. Debris and dirt is swept from the tray by a chain-driven blade, through retractable doors, and into a sealed fire-proof steel container.

The blade can be programmed to sweep as and when required, and cleaning now takes place four times a day rather than twice a week. The cleaning activity is monitored electronically, and the number of sweeps displayed on the controller.

’The new dust trays will free up a critical resource, saving maintenance time that can be used more wisely’, said Gary Crupt, Construction Manager at PPP contractor Metronet. ’This will help increase productivity, allowing our maintenance engineers to service the escalators, ensuring fewer breakdowns and reducing fire risks.’

Metronet has also developed a three-wheeled hydraulic trolley which allows one person to lift the floor plates covering escalator maintenance access points; this previously needed four staff.

Metronet, UK