Book review

Edited by Peter Winter

Compiled by UIC in conjunction with the recent ERTMS world conference (RG 5.09 p52), this compendium also marks the 20th anniversary of the start of work to develop a common European signalling and train control system.

With the installation of ETCS and GSM-R underway in many countries and the roll-out of the Europti­rails traffic management system beginning in October 2008, the Chairman of UIC’s ERTMS Platform Michele Elia reports that work is now starting on the development of the Integrated European Signalling System which will ‘Europeanise the ERTMS project’s last frontier’.

This compendium is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to what Peter Winter describes as ‘the complex ERTMS concept’ by providing an overview of the various sub-projects. After an introduction to the principles of train control, the chapters look at traffic management, signalling, the elements of ETCS and GSM-R, the current state of implementation and the increasing adoption of ETCS outside Europe. The final sections look at the potential benefits and the longer-term perspectives for a global standard train control system.

ISBN 978-3-7771-0396-9

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