ON NOVEMBER 29 the Renfe board approved the last three of six contracts for new rolling stock that have been renegotiated since they were awarded in 2004. Renegotiation of the first three contracts was completed in July 2005 (RG 8.05 p461), and Renfe will now acquire a total of 126 trains at a cost of €2·19bn.

Reflecting a shift in emphasis from high speed lines to the conventional network, an order with Alstom and CAF for 30 Class 104 EMUs for high speed shuttle services has been cut to 13 units, with the cost falling from €353·5m to €183m. The delivery schedule for 30 Class 102 high speed trainsets ordered from Talgo and Bombardier has been extended by two years to 2009-10, increasing the cost by 6·6% to €655m.

Similarly, Siemens will now be delivering the bulk of an order for 10 Class 103 high speed trains in 2008, later than originally agreed. This has increased the price by 2% to €247·6m.

  • As well as 107 trainsets for medium-distance services (RG 12.05 p749), Renfe called tenders last year for the supply of 80 Civia suburban EMUs, 50 Class 253 electric freight locos and the rebuilding of 28 Class 333 diesel locos. Deliveries of 80 Civias ordered from CAF/Siemens and Alstom in 2003 (RG 11.03 p686) are due to start this year.