YOUR EDITOR’S last official engagement was to give the keynote presentation at JR East’s 12th Research & Development Symposium in Tokyo on March 28. It seemed a fitting culmination to 15 years ’at the controls’, during which this journal has constantly striven to give the best coverage in the world railway business.

From this month the editor’s chair will be occupied by Chris Jackson, who has excelled in the role of Deputy Editor. He is well placed to lead the strategic development of Railway Gazette International and its associated publications, both paper and electronic, and he will take on the challenge with energy, expertise and enthusiasm. Your outgoing editor, meanwhile, hopes to remain involved as a contributor and consultant.

Much has changed in the editor’s office during the last decade and a half, and much has changed in the industry we serve. We have witnessed spectacular and historic events - the Royal Opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994, the opening of the K