THE LIFE of level crossing warning lights can be extended, and the need for maintenance reduced, by using light emitting diodes in place of conventional bulbs. The 433 Series module from Dialight has been designed for use with existing crossing equipment as well as fitting to new installations.

The red-tinted UV-stabilised lens is diffused to resemble an incandescent lamp. Side indicators reflect light from the main beam, enabling train crews to see that the lamp facing the street is flashing. Powered from an AC or DC supply, the 433 modules maintain their specified light output down to 9V, but will still operate at voltages as low as 5V.

The company’s 891 Series is designed to replace incandescent bulbs in 150mm signal lamps without the need to replace the entire lens and housing assemblies.

Redundant LED circuits ensure the light is illuminated even if one lamp fails, and the absence of coloured inner filter lenses prevents phantom effects caused by sunlight. The 891 is available in green, red, yellow and white, with 12V AC or DC and 120V AC versions.

Dialight, USA

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