THREE-MAN access platforms designed and built by LH Access Technology can be demounted from Mercedes-Benz Unimog road-rail vehicles when not in use, allowing the host chassis to be used with alternative equipment.

The platform has a working height of 10m with a reach of 7m; it can carry up to 350 kg and rotate through 360í. The modular design enables the access platform to be securely fitted to the U400 chassis using twist locks, which permit rapid removal. The vehicles are designed to work in tandem with a Unimog 4 tonne drum carrier. LH Access Technology is currently developing demountable legs which will enable the access module and drum carrier to be swapped without using lifting equipment.

On November 9 Network Rail took delivery of the last of 12 of the vehicles which it had ordered for use on the UK rail network.

LH Access Technology, UK