INTRO: Deutsche Waggonbau AG has built a speculative prototype of this innovative low-floor articulated electric trainset with individual powered axles for German regional services

IN RESPONSE to a request from German Railway for innovative trains to update regional services, Deutsche Waggonbau has built an experimental two-car articulated unit packed with innovative ideas and equipment. Called the ET2000 TT, it was assembled at DWA’s Ammendorf and Vetschau works and is currently being commissioned before trial running starts next spring.

Apart from articulation, the ET2000 TT features short bodies using hybrid lightweight construction and end crumple zones, hydraulically powered tilting, single wheelsets with radial steering, and a section with the floor only 760mm above rail top. The 15 kV 16 2??3Hz traction equipment has an IGBT module feeding two three-phase asynchronous motors, each with a nominal rating of 250 kW.

Tilting is powered from a central hydraulics unit that also handles other auxiliary functions: suspension, pantograph lift, radial steering, and disc braking.

The 160 km/h ET2000 TT is intended as the forerunner of a family of modular trains for regional electrified routes. Using 2+3 seating in the ET2000’s wide bodies, DWA expects to accommodate 300 seated passengers in a train length of 100m.

DWA shared development work with sub-sidiaries Institut für Schienenfahrzeuge Berlin GmbH and Fahrzeugausrüstung Berlin GmbH, as well as Dresden Technical University. o

CAPTION: From next year DWA’ ET2000 TT will be tested on German Railway’s regional routes.

Left: Fig 1. The articulated configuration is designed with a low floor in the central area where the entrance doors are located

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