SPAIN: A series of high speed test runs using ETCS Level 2 were made over the 111 km section of high speed line between Zamora and Pedralba de la Pradería in Galicia on May 15-19.

es-Talgo ETCS high speed test Galicia

A Class 112 electric trainset made a series of trips under simulated operational conditions, while two Talgo Class 730 electro-diesels made test runs passing each other. Normal and degraded operating conditions were also replicated. The maximum line speed is 350 km/h; the Class 112s have a maximum commercial speed of 330 km/h while the bi-mode Talgos are limited to 250 km/h.

Testing of ETCS between Olmedo, Medina del Campo and Zamora is now complete, and authorisation for driver training is expected shortly. The route is also equipped with ADIF’s domestic ASFA Digital train protection system.

The opening of the line from Zamora to Ourense is expected before the end of the year, and would complete the long-planned high speed corridor linking Madrid with Santiago de Compostela.