• Going green is not enough


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  • California’s high speed dream hits a hurdle
  • No TGVs to Madrid
  • ISO standards in Japan


  • 'The Fourth Railway Package is our top priority'
    Accelerating the Technical Pillar of the EU’s Fourth Railway Package is central to putting the rail sector onto a path to meet the objectives of the 2011 Transport White Paper, says CER Executive Director Libor Lochman
  • The long march to interoperability
    The roll-out of ERTMS on all core corridors has been identified as a key priority in the revised Trans-European Networks programme, but much remains to be done to achieve a stable specification and genuine interoperability


  • Japan studies condition-based maintenance
    JR East’s ‘smart maintenance’ concept envisages a switch from time-based interventions to a condition-based maintenance regime based on continuous monitoring of track condition using trains in revenue service
  • Metallurgical advances in rail steels Driven by developments in industrial production capability, hypereutectoid and bainitic steels represent the latest evolution in high performance rails, reports Dr Albert Jörg of Voestalpine

Bogies & wheelsets

  • Anti-climb wheelsets
    Experiments featuring a microscopic rib located towards the outside of a wheel tread have demonstrated a reduction in lateral forces when a train is negotiating a curve
  • Thameslink bogies start rolling out
    Lighter weight and better curving performance are the key attributes of the SF 7000 bogies developed by Siemens for the Desiro City EMUs which will operate Thameslink services through the heart of London

In focus

  • Taking railways into the hinterland
    Ridership is already flourishing on a new main line built to link Nanchang with Fuzhou and Putian in southeast China, opening up a mountainous region previously inaccessible by rail
  • Electrification to follow route realignment
    Taiwan’s 166 km east coast railway between Hualien and Taitung has been extensively rebuilt, and electric trains are to be introduced over the course of this year
  • Looking to the future with more optimism
    International funding has secured the future of the rail network in Montenegro, and reform has been taken further than in other Western Balkan countries

Research & skills

  • Australian research institute launched


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Rail Supply Industry Watch

  • We asked a panel of senior executives what steps are needed to improve the accessibility to Asian rail markets for international suppliers

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