January 2015 issue of Railway Gazette International.


  • Time to be ambitious again


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  • JR Kyushu flotation in prospect
  • Danish IC4 DMU saga rumbles on
  • Asian rivals eye Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed contracts


  • Creeping towards a messy compromise?
    Despite at times heated debate, pan-industry consensus on how European rail policy should be implemented remains largely elusive even as the Fourth Railway Package edges towards adoption
  • Rail has a bright future in Europe
    The policies being pursued by the European Commission are intended to create a strong, healthy and competitive market in the rail sector, DG Move Director-General João Aguiar Machado explains to Chris Jackson
  • Reviving international passenger rail in Europe
    Backed by young rail professionals and environmental groups, the Train2EU coalition launched in Brussels on November 18 has developed a youth-orientated manifesto aimed at growing rail’s share of the international passenger transport market in Europe
  • Challenger seeks premium efficiency
    MTR Express is on course to launch its Stockholm – Göteborg open access service in March. CEO Johan Söör explains why the company feels the time is right to launch the venture, and why Sweden is an attractive market for a new entrant track design

Track design

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel completes LVT installation
    The successful completion of tracklaying through the world’s longest railway tunnel reflects the continuous development of low-vibration ballastless trackforms in Switzerland over half a century, with further applications now in prospect
  • Life-cycle costs determine asset management policy
    The key to achieving good track quality at an acceptable cost is to use high quality components and materials and to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of the maintenance regime


  • Tools & small plant
    Robel’s vertical tamper family expands, Lösomat develops multi-purpose wrench

In focus

  • Funding concerns cloud the way ahead
    Although Australia’s federal government insists that rail has a bright future, it has cut spending on both urban and freight rail projects, leading to concerns at the AusRail 2014 conference

Research & skills

  • Australian researchers assess how emerging technologies are changing train driver behaviour


  • Rail Supply Industry Watch
    Amid renewed concerns about the fragility of the global economy, we asked our panel of senior executives about their business expectations for the coming year
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  • Railways must be pro-active in mitigating risk at level crossings, explains Steve Medhurst of insurance provider RSA

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