July 2015 issue of Railway Gazette International magazine.

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  • Netherlands Railways crisis


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  • Reforms aim to revive France’s conventional inter-city trains
  • Concerns mount in North America over ECP brakes and PTC
  • Fourth Railway Package technical pillar agreed

High speed

  • Celebrate the past, design the future
    Marking half a century of high speed rail operation and setting the priorities for the next 50 years, the 9th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail takes place at the Tokyo International Forum on July 7 - 10.
  • High speed market is still growing
    Murray Hughes reviews the status of high speed rail projects across the globe
  • Texan link could be first true US high speed project
    An initiative to build and operate a high speed line between Dallas and Houston is undergoing regulatory appraisal
  • World Speed Survey 2015 - China still out in front
    While the length of high speed line in operation around the world continues to grow rapidly, our biennial survey of the world’s fastest timetabled trains finds that speeds have plateaued once again


  • Spending in the cities
    A 2015-18 investment programme will see Renfe spend €257m to enhance suburban networks across the country
  • Developing the Mediterranean Corridor
    ADIF is making progress in creating a 1435 mm gauge corridor from the French border that will ultimately reach Almería


  • EuskoTren makes whole-life wheelset savings
    The introduction of software-led predictive maintenance techniques has enabled Basque regional operator EuskoTren to reduce its wheelset maintenance costs by around 10%
  • Stronger axles to extend wheelset life
    Trials on a fleet of Czech electric locomotives could pave the way for greater application of induction-hardened axles across Europe
  • In search of longer wheel life
    A new steel grade reflects wider research into the factors that influence the life-cycle cost of wheelsets

In focus

  • SNCB seeks fleet renewal and productivity gains
    The Belgian national operator is seeking to rationalise and renew its rolling stock fleet, while a McKinsey study has found it lags behind its European peers in productivity
  • Build a tramway in 30 months
    Alstom Transport is to offer the construction of tram lines through an integrated turnkey package, aimed at reducing the overall cost and making them an attractive alternative to bus rapid transit

Research & skills

  • SRO to send trainees abroad
  • Laser cladding rail head repair trials


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  • Rail Supply Industry Watch
    Our quarterly survey asks a panel of senior executives how they expect trends in mergers and acquisitions in the supply industry to evolve in the coming years