May 2013 issue of Railway Gazette International.


  • Heavy lorries will not go away


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  • RFE debates technical harmonisation
  • Panay dreams of railway revival
  • Australian high speed study reports
  • Smart card accord
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  • ETR1000 heralds speed-up on Italy's AV network
    Luigi D'Ottavi attends the roll-out of the first of Trenitalia's impressively-styled 360 km/h trainsets has in Pistoia.

Track maintenance

  • Plugging the holes in a Swiss cheese
    General Manager, Technical Standards, Mike Roney describes how Canadian Pacific has adopted a multi-layered approach to infrastructure condition monitoring, using a variety of inspection technologies
  • High-output strategy speeds track renewals
    Project Director Ben Brooks explains how Network Rail is making more intensive use of its high-output plant to reduce the time that track must be taken out of service for maintenance
  • Beaver-tailed cutter promises a step change
    A rotatable chainsaw blade offering a variable cutting width lies at the heart of Plasser & Theurer's URM700 multi-purpose ballast cleaner
  • Controlling RCF in switches and crossings
    As with plain line, cyclical preventative grinding strategies can help to manage rolling contact fatigue in turnouts, explains Dr Wolfgang Schoech
  • Multi-role grinders target longer rail life
    Two Loram RGI60 rail grinding machines are due to enter service with DB Netz in early 2014
  • A quiet revolution
    A redesigned impact wrench and rail drilling machine are the first in a new range of battery-powered tools being developed by Robel, says Otto Widlroither
  • Track technology to the fore The IAF exhibition taking place in Münster on May 26-28 is expected to attract around 20 000 visitors


  • The clock is ticking
    Introduction of CBTC overlaid with ETCS Level 1 is critical to meeting the October 24 deadline to open the Marmaray tunnel in Istanbul. Nick Kingsley reports from Üsküdar
  • Reform is gathering pace
    With a regulator and independent safety authority already in place, the Turkish market is preparing for on-rail competition to begin in few months


  • Sustaining mass transit in the austerity age
    The 60th UITP World Congress and City Transport exhibition are being held in Genève this month

In focus

  • Flexibility draws the customers
    Polish rolling stock builder Pesa is to expand capacity. Murray Hughes reports from Bydgoszcz
  • A shrine to progress
    Kinki Nippon Railway has put two luxury EMUs into service, reports Akihiro Nakamura


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  • It’s time to take a co-ordinated approach to research and development in the rail sector, argues Unife Director General Philippe Citroën

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