SATEBA will be displaying a concrete turnout bearer on the joint Vossloh Cogifer and Consolis stand. The sleeper maker is working with Vossloh Cogifer to install slab track with three turnouts on a 3 km section of TGV Est, and has supplied its SAT312 booted sleepers for use on 20 km of track on Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, where trains will run at up to 230 km/h.

The booted sleepers are a development of Sateba’s proven Stedef design, which fits twin or monobloc concrete sleepers with rigid boots and resilient pads. Constructed using top-down methods, the system is designed for a maximum speed of 350 km/h with 170 kN axleloads, or 250 km/h and 230 kN.

The stiffness of the track can be adjusted, a feature which is being used to create stiffness transition zones where required on the CTRL.