PROPOSALS have been published for a 17 km three-line light rail network serving towns in the Glatt valley and the northern sector of the Zürich conurbation. Announcing the results of nine years of planning, Project Manager Andreas Fleury unveiled a project that should see light rail services running on the first section from Oerlikon to Zürich airport in 2005.

Line 1 would link Oerlikon station to Kloten Grindel, Line 2 would run from Oerlikon to Stettbach and Line 3 from Stettbach to Kloten Grindel. Towns and communities on the routes include Dübendorf, Kloten, Rumlang, Wallisellen and Opfikon.

Cost of infrastructure works is put at SFr386m, with a further SFr134m for rolling stock. A basic 7min interval service is proposed, with overlapping services providing a 31??2min frequency on the busiest sections.

Detailed design work is to start next year, with a referendum pencilled in for 2001. o