Swiss Federal Railways’ ICN tilting trains (RG 12.98 p851) are being equipped with toilet systems from Protec, featuring an underfloor bioreactor. Solid and liquid effluent are first separated by a filter unit. Natural decomposition breaks down solid waste for removal at six to 12 month intervals.

Liquid undergoes a sequence of aerobic and anaerobic reactions, and then leaves the bioreactor for the hygiene unit where it undergoes microfiltration, pasteurisation or treatment with ultra-violet light depending on the system configuration. The end product is a colourless and odourless liquid free of microrganisms, which can either be disposed of or recycled within a closed-circuit system.

Each ICN installation weighs 590 kg and is designed for 140 use cycles a day. Requiring little water, electricity or maintenance, it has been approved by Germany’s Federal Railway Office. Other applications to date include SBB’s IC-Bt driving trailer cars, Integral railcars for Bayerische Oberlandbahn and coaches for TransNamib’s Desert Express landcruise.

Protec GmbH

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